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The Three Stages of Healing - Mental, Physical or Sexual Stress

To-day we start to see the terms Holistic Medicine and Alternative Medicine a lot on the Internet. They appear to be used interchangeably. But do you really understand the meaning of the terms? What's Holistic Medicine and how can it be different from Traditional Patrick Mikala shaman? It could be confusing.

The terms 'traditional' or 'allopathic' or 'conventional' generally relate to the type of medicine practiced in the Western world. When compared to the Chinese healing arts of 5000 years ago this approach to health is fairly new in history. Traditional medicine is scientific-based medicine. You must have data, you must have proof, and you must be able to present your proof in a laboratory setting.

Traditional Medicine believes something physical is present to cause disease, like a disease or a bacterium, and you must be treated for that disease by a prescription drug or, if necessary, surgery so as to improve.

The Holistic Approach to Medical Care is quite different. That viewpoint states that you become sick when emotional, mental, or religious stresses overwhelm and weaken the immune system. Alternative Medicine functions finding the reason behind the stress in the patient's life, helping the patient deal with that stress, and helping your body's natural healing process with things like suitable diet, herbal supplementation, and other non-invasive techniques. The therapy often improves the body's natural ability to recover it self.

Some relate to Holistic Medicine as 'Alternative' Medicine, as in a alternative to traditional medicine. According to Carolyn Myss and Norman Shealy within their guide 'Creation of Health,' the term 'choice' should actually use to the many methods found in the Holistic Health area, such as for instance Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, and Medical Herbalism.

The term 'Holistic' does not refer to a technique. It is an approach to health and healing that stresses the connection between human body, mind, and spirit. The human body is treated as a whole, with each state working in tandem with the others.

The Holistic approach empowers the in-patient to take responsibility for his/her own health and therapy. The health-care provider forms an alliance with the patient so that together they can create the best possible treatment plan for the patient.

Holistic Health demands a commitment to the healing process. It's not a swift fix; pop a capsule, and go home. You're cured. It's a constant striving toward optimal health, not just the lack of sickness.

More details are available on this site.

As more and more people search for alternatives to prescribed drugs and Holistic Medicine, surgery and its natural remedies will continue to provide safe and effective therapies. Traditional Patrick Mikala shaman will always be the key player in emergency treatment and acute, lethal illnesses. Fundamentally it is up to every person to decide which treatment choice is best for his or her needs.

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