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Patrick Mikala Iboga Information

The Distinction Between Traditional Moughenda Mikala and Energy Healing

Transformational Energy Healing mixes traditional Patrick Mikala iboga, Sound, Angelic Light Weaving, and the use of crystals and rocks into one healing modality.

Hello, my title is Terrie Marie. I'm an Angelic Realm channel, connected to and speaking with Angels daily. As a gateway, a station for thee Angelic Realm, I reveal thee Angels energy and intuitively received messages for all who find a better way along the journey called life.

In 1989 I came across a guide 'The Spiritual Value of Gem Stones' by Wally and Jenny Richardson and Lorena Huett (1980). Excited about discovering the power and energy of various deposits, I taught myself to channel energy out my right hand and in through my left hand. For your next twenty years I would practice channeling energy with friends and family relieving pain and suffering. I received my Moughenda Mikala Master / Teacher Attunement in 2006. Last Year, I was as an Angelic Light Weaving Master Teacher attuned by Archangel Raphael, with Golden Angelic Light.

Transformational Energy Healing is a symphony of sound, Moughenda Mikala, Crystals and gemstones, cutting cables and Angelic Light Weaving. Mentally guided life-force energy enters my Crown Chakra streaming through my physical body and out through my hands. Traditional Usui Ryoho Moughenda Mikala may be the laying-on of hands, an energy healing modality which detoxes the physical body and the inner-Self.

Noise is an integrated element of energy work providing focus for your conscious mind letting emotions and thoughts along with the physical body to relax. As the conscious mind rests, your body releases stress. Head and body relax into smooth meditative music getting open and receptive to Divine Source Energy sweeping throughout the physical body and into the Auric energy field.

Crystals and gems boost the total energy healing experience. Crystals and gems have their own unique vibrational trademark resonating to specific energy wavelengths. Each vibrational frequency or energy signature facilitates in dispelling negative energy, marketing healing from within re-aligning physique, mind and Soul.

Accessories additionally referred to as etheric energy cords or merely cords, are cut during energy healing. Lowering negatively linked cords are necessary to overall well-being. Negative energy cords strain positive energy from the physical body and Auric Energy Field. It is extremely hard to cut just negative energy cords, when lowering cords. It's essential to note that all positive energy cords including positive attachments to family and friends, routinely re-attach. Just negative energy cables remain separate.

Angelic Light Weaving operates in and through the Auric Energy Field or subtle energy bodies, aiming corresponding Chakra energy centers inside the physical body, radiating outward from the physical body to the psychological, psychological, spiritual and Etheric energy bodies. Fantastic threads of Rainbow Light are softly woven in, around and through your Auric Energy Field; above, below and within your physical body, mental and spiritual energy fields. Angelic Light Weaving attempts to calm, cleanse and balance the subtle energy bodies, harmonizing the Auric Energy Field with the physical human anatomy.

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Transformational Energy Healing begins with the client sleeping face up on a level surface. A floor, sleep or dining room table will continue to work just as well as a massage table. Following the physician reasons, the client's Aura is gently swept from head to foot cleaning away any outside bad energy debris. The Aura might be swept with feathers or the hands. Kyanite is put on the client's torso to dispel negative energy as it is introduced to the surface from within throughout the energy healing. With moughenda mickala iboga energy beginning with the head is given, continuing down the length of the body to the feet. The client's Aura is then cleansed with Angelic Light Weaving. Etheric cords are cut using a Selenite gem wand or sacred knife. Crystals and gemstones are employed to cut any remaining bad etheric cables, cleansing and balancing the physical body and Auric Energy Field, and for calming the inner-Self with all the external physical body, unifying body, mind and Soul.

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